Printing our way of trouble – experience in making Covid-19 shields for 3dcrowduk from April 2020

I have recently been printing the excellent PRUSA RC3 frames for 3Dcrowduk, a a non-profit volunteer group making face shields for the NHS and Care Homes in the UK, to help address the appalling shortage of good PPE equipment nursing staff have been suffering.

Prusa’s design went through several design changes and releases before freezing on a particular version for regulatory and certification reasons. 3dcrowduk had to spend a significant amount of time and money to obtain CE in the UK before being accepted as a UK supplier the NHS even thought this was a charitable effort.

Despite being a stopgap technology 3D printing has shone in responding quickly to a crisis in mobilising over 8000 people to help out. The emphasis was to get protection out to people quickly as possible as something was better than nothing.

It struck me there is much to learn from the experience for 3D printing. I plan to summarise these later on, watch this space.

Please support 3dcowduk anyway you can:-

Follow 3dcrowduk here:

Find Prusa’s RC3 designs here


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