Fisher Delta 3D printer – power switch mod

The power supply for the Fisher Delta 3D printer is made using a 19V power brick, which is okay except that the mains switch is too far away to kill the power quickly in an emergency – yes one of the endstop cables popped off and the printer tried to head crash on homing.

As I result we made the following modifications to add a switch into the low voltage supply:-

  1. Drill a mounting hole in the acrylic side panel for a small mains rated power switch and pop it in place.
  2. Cut the +ve internal 19v cable.
  3. Using automotive crimp connectors add an extra length of wire to reach the switch. This connect the power supply 19v+  from the socket to the switch.
  4. Lastly add another  short piece of cable to connect from the other terminal of the switch to the cut section  end of original cable going to the Duet board of the Fisher.

This means its easy to power off the Printer using a switch instead of yanking the power cable out or lunging for the mains switch round the back.

This modification won’t of course control the mains power going into the power supply brick of the printer as this is unaffected by the change.


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