Makerbot Dualtrusion build – Z stage

This is the Third stage we took to build Makerbot’s  Dualtrusion 3D printer.

Instructions for this stage were taken from here and here in the preparation stage.

The Y-stage is a straightforward part of the build, which forms the platform that moves the print head assemblies up and down once in place in the printer.

The very small nut and screw pack should not be confused with low profile M3x16 bolts used in the X-stage assembly:-
The low profile M3x16 bolts (silver) used in the X stage of the build:

For the motor Flange we had the moon type so the flange went on what will be the outside section.
I needed to tighten bolt heads gently with a small star headed screwdriver and then turn the nuts on the back with electronics pliers to tighten them properly:-
The instructions do not indicate which round to fit the bearings? I put them in this way round:-

Note: Don’t bother to sand the bearing holes as they may not be tight enough as it is- I notice that one way round is looser than the other so there may be an artifact of the laser cutting process on the wood composite.

The final assembly was quickly completed and looks like this:-


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