Makerbot Dualtrusion build – Y stage

This is the second stage we took to build Makerbot’s  Dualtrusion 3D printer.

Instructions for this stage were taken from here.

The Y-stage shuffles the X-stage component, in our case the Automated Build Platform (ABP), from left to right and back again when viewing from the front of the printer.


One is reminded once again of the ingenuity of the build, as illustrated in the way in which the drive rib has been lasercut with a series of vertical cuts spaced to math the belt teeth kept in place with a couple of small wooden clamps. No drilling, screwing, cutting, or glueing the belt here but a sure fire way to hold it in place.


Our kit had the moon stepper motor for this stage of the build.


Stepper motor in situ:
the stepper motor is only lightly bolted in and a can slide to and fro from the idlers. We ended up twisting the stepper motor cable to keep it tidy instead of tying with kapton tape but  may revert to that later.

From the other side you can see the stepper motor capstan (pulley) protruding cheerfully:
The instructions do not specify when to tighten the bolts into the stepper motor after assembly – which means the two near the edge are fouled for adjustment by one fo the rods! I had left these slightly off tight so only tightened the two further from the rod that were accessable. These may need to check after first use! The educator version of the instructions does mention this however so maybe these are better instructions to use.

Finally putting both stages together and we look like we are finally starting to make progress with the build.

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